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Content –
Information is all you need !
the key to more efficiency

Everyday, one is facing the question to know where you will get the information you need to move your company forward. Information means nothing else but content. And its quality is decisive with regard to the attractiveness of your offer! In this context it is irrelevant whether the goal is an increase in acceptance within the company or the acquisition of new business in e-commerce.

content portals, customized to your company, will supply you with search results which are tailored exclusively to your needs. The hybriXportal content portal software will relate your query to the requested contents. Owing to the continuously updated structures and links you will be provided with a maximum of efficient information, i.e. profitability for your company.The commercial benefit is obvious, and this makes the significant difference compared to a public-access portal, where the search results are hardly ever productive, since they are related to full-text queries.
Content Management –
a smart solution !

Smart content management means the administration of information which is made available on intranet, extranet, or internet sites. What we are striving for is quality, not quantity.

  Industry Solutions  
  eidonPartners have developed special know-how for industries and the publishing sector. Law portals, as internet-based law information systems, which extract contents in various formats from a huge variety of sources, link them, and them make them available on the internet. Plant portals used as service information systems, providing service technicians with the information required for an efficient upkeep and maintenance of machinery and equipment. hybriX software is also used in machine engineering, in aviation and the ship operating technology, in automobile industry, in power plants or in the military sector, and in patenting.  
hybriXportal - Success down to details
Documents -
how are they converted to contents?
The solution:

Has your company, too, been accumulating huge piles of product documentation in most various formats on different media over extended periods of time? How would you convert bound product descriptions to type-related, 'clickable' web pages and printed pricelists to up-to-date tables, ready to be queried all around the world? And who would not like to feed a variety of media such as print, CD_ROM, and WWW from one and the same source?

The eidonPartner will use your objectives and concept to develop an appropriate, personalized solution for your company. The hybriX software will transform your source-data stock to a unified, homogenous format, then link it automatically to other information sources for retrieving references, for assigning the references found to reference targets, and finally for inserting the explicit reference marks into the documents. The documents are administered both in their initial form and that of the intermediate processing forms. The hybriXbase and hybriXlink modules store, administer, and link XML and SGML text and CGM4 graphics as single data records in a relational database, thus enabling extremely fast and precise access. As soon as a homogenous, linked contents pool has been generated, these contents are made available to the users, be it on paper or CD-ROM or - through the directWeb Portal - via the internet/intranet.
a language everyone understands.
Successful content management requires a platform-independent data format which can be represented on any computer. XML ("Extensible Markup Language") is such a format. Developed on the basis of the far more complex SGML markup language, XML excels by clear structures and a comprehensive applicability. The XML language can be defined on an application-specific basis, i.e. it meets individual requirements. XML's high acceptance gives rise to the assumption that this standard will evolve into the most important data and document format of the future.