weavee: Connecting isolated data sources

Databases work well when they are carefully designed. They expose all relevant relations between the contained data explicitly. Exploitation of data relations is what makes databases so extremely useful and fundamental to our information society. What if you have different, isolated databases that contain interrelated data, but the relations are not made explicit, because neither of the database designers took the other databases into account? Think of a market research company that receives retailer product sales data(bases) from different retailers or a national railway company that receives maintenance material data from different providers. Our new weavee technology enables you to exploit implicit, inter-database connections. It uses advanced linguistic intelligence methods to analyse accompanying texts. It identifes contained entities in different databases and establishes hitherto non-existing interrelations. Thus, you can build new useful applications. You can cross-check the databases for improved quality, you can compare data, you can access new information etc. Clearly that gives you a competitive advantage.