eidonXportal: Authoring technical documentation

A research project in the 1980s about situation-related information for complex situations revealed a need to not just pretty print technical documentation, but to meaningfully structure the contained information. Instead of desktop publishing the focus shifted towards media neutral, structured technical documentation using SGML, that developed later into XML. Essentially documents turned into data. eidon was the first company worldwide that developed an SGML/XML database, „eidonXbase“ and later „eidonXportal“, based on relational database technology (e.g. Oracle). It was mainly applied to high-end technical documentation authoring solutions. Among customers were many machine and system manufacturers like Körber, Liebherr, Siemens, Rheinmetall etc. In 2003, the software rights were sold to the biggest partner and customer, Siemens AG. The software is still under maintenance, is used in many divisions (train, power, industry etc.), and was renamed „HyBrix“.