altogather: Scan-Searching the web systematically

Using a search engine like Google requires entering search terms that describe your information need. The request is answered with a list of internet documents that match your request as good as possible. This could be described as a „target search“ approach. This is the right tool for seeking certain information such as the details of a specific product. But there are other kinds of information needs, e.g. where we want to explore a whole information domain, then we have to perform a „domain search“. This requires the execution of many coordinated searches, e.g. on a list of products and for a list of properties, and then the analysis of the results in comparision. This is exactly where altogather© comes into play. It offers to easily write, execute and manage domain searches that then are executed on any number of search engines like Google, Bing etc. Applications for altogather© range from online competitive intelligence or technology new monitoring to market research and product intelligence.